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After your plane ticket to New Zealand, choosing the accommodation is the next important step. Planning in advance would pay off mostly if you are heading for the crowded destinations right in the middle of the season.

Sleeping in New Zealand can be cheap – at campsites or in hostels – or rather expensive, if you are heading to the luxury hotels.

Here is a description of the types of accommodation you can expect in New Zealand.


There are plenty of hotels to choose from in New Zealand: from budget small places to luxury hotels. If you want to spend your vacation in the high season – either in the mountains or at the beach – make sure to book well in advance. Also, please note that the prices do change according to the season.

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Most of the hostels in New Zealand are family run but you can also find some of the most renowned hostels chains. Prices vary from cheap to little pricey but with a bit of planning you can stay in a hotel for about NZ$20/night. The private rooms are a bit more expensive and cost, on average, NZ$40/night.

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