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AucklandDubbed the “City of Sails” thanks to the hundreds of yachts which can always be found in its harbor, Auckland mixes the vibrant city atmosphere with the beautiful beaches and the hiking trails near by. If you love good food and enjoy shopping, you won’t be disappointed here.


Auckland is located in the northern half of the North Island and is the largest metropolitan area in New Zealand.

How to get to Auckland

Auckland International Airport is the largest airport in New Zealand. The airport located in the southern suburbs of the city. To get from the airport to the center of the city, there are buses (NZ$15/adult), shuttles and taxi available. The airport connects New Zealand to most of the world’s cities. Regular flights arrive from Australia, US and Asian countries.


Auckland has a warm temperate climate. The summers are warm and humid while the winters are mild and damp. It’s the warmest city in the center of the country and also the sunniest. However, the climatic conditions very greatly in different parts of the city because of the diverse geography.


Jul: avg high 14.5 C / 58.1 F; avg low 7.1 C / 44.8 F

Feb: avg high 23.7 C / 74.7 F; avg low 15.8 C / 60.5 F

Things to do

Auckland War Memorial Museum is a very interesting museum and one of the best ones in the entire country. It contains exhibits explaining the country’s history. There are a lot of Maori artifacts on display. Entrance is free but should consider a modest donation.

New Zealand National Maritime Museum is located close to Viaduct Harbour and is the most important maritime museum in the country. A lot of interesting exhibits will surely catch your eye.

Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Climb up to enjoy some of the best views in the world.

If you feel adventurous, climb the Auckland Bridge. The views are great and the experience unique.

Auckland Zoo houses a lot of animals in their natural habitats. The zoo represents an interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon especially if you took the kids with you on vacation.

If you like to do some shopping, you have a lot of places to choose from. There are plenty of shopping centers where you can spend a lot of time…and money. Newmarket and Parnell are up-market shopping areas where you can find pretty much any international label. The fleamarkets at Otara and Avondale offer a different alternative to shopping and a great way to relax.

Several islands are located close to the shore. You can explore each and every one and enjoy a day out at the beach soaking in the sun or playing water sports. Other islands are known for the crafts and food. Enjoy the local cuisine while spending some time searching for the perfect souvenir.