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Cheering for New Zealand at the World Cup

soccerThe World Cup is right around the corner, and people all over the planet are getting excited about it. Some people, of course, are more excited than others – and you’re especially giddy if your team qualified for the tournament. And since the 2010 World Cup marks only the second time that New Zealand has qualified for the big event, there have been lots of smiles on the faces of soccer fans throughout New Zealand since back in November when it was official.

Most of the people who were planning to go to the World Cup this year had already booked their tickets by the time New Zealand qualified, and by now the truth is that many of the best World Cup travel deals have been snapped up. If you’re one of the lucky Kiwis heading to South Africa to cheer the All Whites on to victory, then be sure to read through this travel guide to the 2010 World Cup for all the details you’ll need to make your trip a success. And if you’re still on the fence about going, your time to make a decision is running out!

You can still get a plane ticket to South Africa, although it will cost more now than if you’d booked it six months ago. You’re still likely to be able to find a room in at least one of the cities hosting World Cup games, although the best deals and the hotels in the best locations were booked up long ago. If past World Cup tournaments are anything to go by, you’ll also be able to get tickets to games at the last minute, just by walking around the stadiums before kick-off with a willingness to part with far more than the face value of the tickets.

But if you’re already at the point where you’ve stopped thinking “what if I could go…” and you’re dealing with the reality of cheering your team on from home, then the least you can do is get the official 2010 New Zealand World Cup jersey so you can cheer the team on in style. It’s especially nice to have the right kit if you’re watching the games at the local pub!

photo by James at Uni