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Cheap Hotels in Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island and the second largest city in the country. Its English heritage shows in the older buildings, especially the Anglican Cathedral, located in the city center. It is known as the Garden City, thanks to the number of trees which grow throughout the suburbs.

The city is mostly flat so people get around in bicycles. Special lanes have recently been added to promote this way of transportation. If you don’t mind doing a bit of exercise on your vacation, consider booking a cheap hotel in Christchurch which is easily accessible by bike. If, however, you want to stay further from the city center, consider renting a car.

Motels are a good choice for travelers and room rates start at NZ$79 per night. Most of the hotels are located inside the CBD Red Zone and currently have restricted access due to the earthquake which hit the city in February 2011. The motels, however, are located outside this area and most are open for business.

Currently, the room rates for cheap hotels in Christchurch have gone down some and with a bit of research you can stay in the city center for just $70AUD per night (if you book online). Just in the case of other large cities, the closer to the city center you want to stay, the more you’ll pay for the room.

Search this map to find cheap hotels in Christchurch, or find even more hotel options by searching with the widget above.