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Escape New Zealand’s Winter in Hawaii

After having visited New Zealand at the height of summer in the middle of January, it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic place. So much green, so much beauty… But then there’s winter.

What’s a sun-loving New Zealander to do once winter strikes? That’s easy – it’s time to plan a trip to a warmer climate. Most travelers from this part of the world zip up to SE Asia in a heartbeat for the great weather and bargains, but if you’re looking for another option then look a little further into the Pacific toward Hawaii.

Hawaii might often be thought of as an expensive destination, and it certainly can be. But if you play your cards right you can get a good deal on flights to Hawaii. Airfare to Hawaii tends to be extremely cheap on a regular basis from the US west coast, so if you’re planning a grander adventure you could almost make Hawaii a side-trip from a California itinerary, but there’s obviously enough going on in Hawaii to make it an entire trip, too.

Timing is one of the things that can make a trip to Hawaii either budget-friendly or bank-breaking, so it definitely pays to do your homework. Check the prices regularly on flights and accommodation so you know a good deal when you see one and you’re confident in booking when you see listings for cheap hotels in Maui. The more you save on the big-ticket items like your airfare and hotel, the more you’ll have to spend on all the fun things to do in Maui when you’re there.

photo by Randy Son of Robert