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New Zealand in July

During mid-winter, the weather usually isn’t too appealing for staying outdoors unless you plan to go skiing. Still, compared to the Northern Hemisphere the temperatures are quite mellow and this time of the year you really don’t need to pre-book anything. So, pack accordingly, layer up and enjoy the sights.


July falls right in the middle of winter so don’t expect the weather to be too mellow. In the Queenstown area it snows and it’s possible to ski. Pack accordingly.
Should spend your vacation in the cities make sure to pack a winter coat and appropriate shoes. Mittens are a good choice as well.

Some temperatures:
Auckland avg high 13C / avg low 8C
Christchurch avg high 10C/ avg low 2C
Queenstown avg high 7C/ avg low N/A
Wellington avg high 10C/ avg low 7C

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When it comes to fares, winter is one of the cheapest times to visit New Zealand, unless you head to the skiing areas in Queenstown. That’s where you’ll end up paying premium fares for hotels. Otherwise, the prices are low compared to the high summer season. You really don’t need to pre-book the hotel or hostel but , in most cases, booking online will also bring you a discount.

Regarding the flight to New Zealand, expect to find fewer connections, so book ahead of time (4-6 weeks before departure). Check the various airlines and also compare the prices for flying into different hubs. You can always travel the last leg of the trip on land.

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Things to do

If you say “winter” then you must be thinking about skiing in New Zealand. There are ski areas close to Queenstown, Christchurch, Wanaka and Methven. Choose to stay in the cities if you want to explore the sights, as well, or stay close to the ski areas if you want to enjoy the powdery snow. Just remember that you’ll be traveling during the peak travel season, so the prices are at their highest.

If you are on a budget, then stay in the cities. Sure, you need to add some layers to the clothing but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the sights. Plus, when it gets too cold, hide in one of the restaurants and enjoy a hot tea.

In Auckland , visit the War Memorial Museum and the National Maritime Museum. Walk to the viewing platform from the Sky Tower for some lovely views of the city. And you can warm up during shopping, of course.

In Wellington take the cable car to the top of the hill and enjoy some lovely views of the area or go to one of the lookout points. Visit the National Museum (Te Papa) or spend time in the Botanical Garden.

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