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Plan a Getaway in Australia

australia-cairnsIt’s really really easy to come up with countless of reasons to travel to Australia no matter what you plan to do in the country. Whether you want to see unique wildlife, soak up the sun, dive in beautiful places, plan to impress your loved you…Australia definitely has them all.

Scoring an affordable plane ticket into Australia is not hard at all. You can either fly directly into one of the big cities or you can fly into the capital, Canberra, and then book a domestic flight for the last leg of the trip.

If you plan to dive the Great Barrier Reef, you should fly into Cairns. Make sure to book a room in one of the cheap Cairns hotels before you make any diving plans.

Day trips to the reef leave daily from Cairns. There are many companies which offer such trips so make sure to shop around to find the best deal. You can expect to pay about $200 for such a trip (which includes 2 dives and the equipment).

But Cairns is also close to the mountains, where you can see interesting and unique wildlife. Places such as Mount Lewis or Mount Hypipamee are ideal for such trips.

If you want to plan a romantic day with your loved one, all you need to do is go to the promenade. There are free barbecues scattered among the picnic tables on the grass and all you need to do is bring the food. Oh and buy a local wine to go with it!

Cairns has great weather for ballooning. If you have dreamed of doing that but never had the chance, you can try it here. Trips are available year round. Packages start at $220 per person and include champagne breakfast and even wine tasting.

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