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Spring Break in Western Australia

It’s January, which is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring break trip this year. It may seem like it’s a little early, but spring break is a popular time to travel – and that means the best deals on the best places will be scooped up long before it’s actually spring. So if you’ve got big plans, you’ll need to start your research early.

Let’s say you’re ready to move beyond the usual spring break hotspots of Mexico and Florida on to something a little more exotic and far away. Maybe you’ve decided to take a few extra days to make a long trip worthwhile, and you want to get away from the typical spring break crowd. May we suggest Australia?

During the Northern Hemisphere’s spring months, it’s mid-fall in Australia – the weather is on the mild side, and it’s not high season. And if you really want to get away from the crowds, you’ll head for Perth in the massive state of Western Australia.

Luckily, although most international visitors to Australia will arrive via either Sydney or Melbourne, there are budget airlines that make routine flights to Perth and do so quickly and cheaply – flights on Jetstar can get you to Perth for a song. Once you’re out west, you can save money by looking at the hotels in Perth that aren’t right on the beach – just make sure you can get there and back on public transit and you’re all set.

If you’re in the city for long enough, you can always look into the many day trips from Perth that are available to spice up your spring break.

It’s true that a trip to Australia for spring break will probably cost more than a few days on the beach in Florida, but if you’re the kind of person who enjoys how budget travel allows you do do more for less money then you’re more apt to find a way to make it work – and you’re more apt to get more out of your trip, too.

photo by Michael_Spencer