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Why You Should Add Auckland to Your RTW Trip

For most people in the world, getting to and from New Zealand is a long and arduous trek, taking hour and hours on planes, with connections and crazy time zone differences. If you’re from the US or Europe, simply going to New Zealand for a one week vacation may not make much sense. But what if you are planning a RTW trip? It might make more sense to travel to a country as far away and difficult to get to as New Zealand if you have months or even a year to travel.

If you do decide to add New Zealand to your RTW trip itinerary, you’ll probably begin in Auckland. It’s the largest city in the country and definitely the most urban. While many people immediately head out of dodge to see the amazing natural beauty that the rest of the country has to offer, you may want to think twice about that and hang around Auckland for a while. It has plenty to offer any traveler.

Our sister site over at BootsnAll has been spending a lot of time lately updating the RTW section of their site, including updating the city guides for popular destinations around the world. They are making a commitment to indie travel, and even though Auckland might not seem like the best city for independent travel, you may want to head over to Boots and see what they have to say about having the best indie travel experience in Auckland.

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