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Wine Tasting in Style

There comes a time when we must indulge our senses. Some of us are hooked on chocolate, others on cheese and many love to drink good wine. So when the opportunity arises, it only makes sense to plan a wine tasting vacation.

Somehow, I have always associated wine tasting with a luxury holiday. Therefore, I would enjoy staying in a luxury winery hotel even if it’s just for a night. Where you can find vineyards, you can also find at least one luxury hotel to cater for travelers.

So if you already have tickets to New Zealand, consider The County Hotel at Hawke’s Bay. It offers 18 rooms, equipped with the latest gadgets. Don’t forget to book a personalized wine country tour.

But what happens if you love wine tasting but you cannot even dream about indulging in such a luxurious escape? No worries as there are cheaper destinations for wine tasting. You can choose between: Morocco, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal, Cyprus, Thailand and USA (New York, Georgia), to name just some of them.

Some of these countries are known for being a heaven for budget travelers, so even indulging in wine tasting won’t burn a big hole in your pocket. For a unique experience, plan your vacation during grape picking time. You can even land a helping hand in most wineries so you’ll experience a lot more than just wine tasting.

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